Volkswagen GROUP


The customer

In Southwest Asia, Volkswagen Group Regional Aftersales Singapore (VRAS) represents 22 countries and 31 partners and is responsible for aftersales in this region for both the Volkswagen Group and its brands such as VW, Audi, Skoda and Porsche. VRAS is continuously expanding its influence in this region by adding further brands and new markets.


CUSTOMER: Volkswagen Group Regional Aftersales Singapore (VRAS), a division of Audi Singapore Pte. Ltd.
INDUSTRY: Car manufacturer
Solution: B2B e-commerce


The challenge

The heterogeneity of global markets is always a challenge for IT systems. The Asia-Pacific region alone, where Volkswagen AG also operates, includes numerous nations and cultures. Networking IT systems across national borders and bundling functions always involves risks. Volkswagen AG was looking for a uniform aftermarket shop solution for its affiliated dealerships. Up to now, each supplier offered its own shop here. For the car dealership employee, this meant maintaining a login for each of these portals and jumping back and forth between the various solutions until he found the right product: a very time-consuming, inefficient process. Therefore, our customer searched for a comforable solution that represents the products of different manufacturers.

The solution

The TRIPOD platform is a B2B shop solution that enables the car dealerships of the Volkswagen AG brands (VW, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, etc.) in the Asia-Pacific region to purchase from a large number of suppliers in the aftersales segment using a single portal. The user now has convenient access to all suppliers in one portal, which makes it easier to find suitable and available products efficiently and to process the order. TRIPOD is hosted with a docker in the Asia-Pacific region in order to keep latencies low when users access the software with their browser from Australia, Taiwan or South Korea, for example.
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