Individual Software Solutions
Cross borders with customized software

Because the tasks in your company are highly complex, you sometimes reach your limits with standard software. The range of functions is too small (or too large), the frontend too confusing, the performance too poor, the effort to adapt the software to your needs too great. Whatever your reason is: Together we will develop a tailor-made software in an agile process that is unique in a literal sense. Our work is characterized by uncomplicated communication at eye level with you. Through the detailed analysis of existing processes in your company, we don’t only map the status quo, you receive adaptable, scalable and therefore solutions that are sustainable in the future .


Why you need a tailor-made solution


We can't predict the future either. However, with high-performance systems that grow with you, we ensure that you can continue to rely on your powerful software in the future.


Your company, your product, your software. With an individual solution, you retain control: you are independent of other software providers and decide freely on features - regardless of the "standard software product".


Do you have new ideas and are you a pioneer in your industry? Together, we develop software that is as individual as it is novel, which maps the underlying processes.

Competitive advantage

Because only you have the software that suits you like a tailor-made suit, you are well ahead of your competitors.

Why we develop in an agile way

"Agile software development" is on everyone's lips, but it's far more than a marketing buzzword. It is not a method, but a matter of attitude, a framework condition, if you like. The development process is agile if it is dynamic and when customers are involved. The biggest advantage for you as a customer: You see (interim) results early on and together, we can react to changes in the requirements and to your wishes. This results in a better product in a shorter time.

It's about processes and solutions

Your software is always just a tool. You use it to solve specific tasks and optimize your work processes in order to ultimately increase your sales and increase your success. Our speciality lies in the analysis of these same processes and in optimising them with the help of your specialist knowledge. To do this, we sometimes use unconventional analysis methods and visualize processes graphically using BPMN 2.0 diagrams.

Technically always state-of-the-art

"Nothing is as old as yesterday's paper," they say. It looks similar in IT. Technologies and architectural patterns are constantly evolving. Only those who keep their finger on the pulse of time can create reactive, scalable and fail-safe solutions. What counts in the end is the professional use of the software in the "real world". We are constantly developing ourselves and are experts in NoSQL databases, micro service architecture, Rich JavaScript Applications (Single Page Applications), Reactive Programming and Speech2Text web services.

Focused on the user
Benefit from our UX expertise

Only software that can be used successfully by users is considered suitable. Therefore, the analysis of the business processes is rapidly followed by the modeling of the user experience. Our concepts are among others:

Pluralistic walkthrough

A method that can be used early in the design process where a group of users, usability experts and product developers can identify and eliminate possible obstacles in the usability of a program.

Paper prototyping

If components of the Graphical User Interface already exist, they are sketched on paper or printed out. Test users can then use this printout to solve tasks in the program. (If these processes are not paper-based but software-based, this is referred to as high-fidelity prototyping).


A wireframe is a very early prototype of a software or website that illustrates what the result might look like. It's not about functionality, it's about user experience questions: How are the individual elements arranged? How does the (test) user find his way around?

User tracking

User activities can be checked with support of software. This gives us more reliable, "real" data than, for example, surveys. A special form of user tracking is eye tracking, in which the eye movements of the user are recorded. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the user's information processing and interaction with the software.

Depending on the type of software, we conduct user experience workshops. In interviews with the groups of people involved, we analyse their requirements in order to unite them optimally (usage context analysis). We then create wireframes that are validated with the help of a pluralistic walkthrough. The resulting screen designs serve as the basis for agile software development, which aims to achieve a clickable prototype as early as possible, which is also made available for the customer. This prototype is then further developed into a mature product in close cooperation with the customer.

What we can do for you

In fact (almost) everything is conceivable. If you need an individual solution - whether applications for mobile devices and web browsers or IoT solutions: Our powerful teams of experienced programmers create the software you need for every conceivable platform.

Your contact person:

We are happy to receive your inquiry and will advise you individually.

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