Solutions for medium-sized business
Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central

With the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly "Dynamics NAV" / "Navision"), Microsoft has launched a comprehensive solution for enterprise management that enables mid-sized companies to optimize their business processes. Whether as a pure SaaS solution in the Microsoft cloud, as an on-premise solution in the private cloud or classically in your own infrastructure.

A solid framework

Companies worldwide use Business Central to network their logistics, financial accounting, customer service and general operational processes. Standardization and automation of numerous processes not only saves valuable time, but also significantly reduces the error rate. Business Central provides a strong, universal basis for this. And it's true: Sales processes are generally similar across companies and industries. There are articles for every order, payment and delivery terms, delivery and invoice addressees, etc. These similarities are reflected in the standard.

ERP + N4 expertise
= more than standard

With all the similarities: Ultimately, every company has its own individual processes, workflows and procedures. That's where we come in. From a sober perspective, we implement ERP software in your company. Actually, in reality, we are the experts for the analysis of business processes and their mapping in Business Central / Dynamics NAV. This is where the magic lies - if you like. Through skillful configuration and innovative development we close the gap between the basic functions and your specific requirements. The standard enables us to build on a solid basis. This not only accelerates implementation, it also reduces costs. Do not adapt to the software. Adapt the software to your individual processes.

An eye for processes and an ear for customers

If you want to map business processes in an ERP system, you need to know them. First we come to your company as external experts and interview key people. These are the people who are involved with the processes on a daily basis.
We are always aware of the complexity of the processes in your company. Process 1 is not conceivable without process 2 and has direct or indirect effects on processes 3 and 4, which interact with other points. The processes can only be mapped if we know the overall picture and the network of relationships. As with an iceberg, the majority of important processes are hidden under the daily workload. Because they have become routines, they are regarded as given. These are exactly the routines we uncover.
An example: A clerk in your company has internalized or automated many of his activities. If you ask him about the processes, he (unconsciously) reveals only a fraction of them. But since the ERP ultimately replicates the entire company, we also have to identify these "hidden" parts. This work is our specialty.

You are more than a customer
You are our partner

We involve you in the implementation of Business Central. The beginning may be marked by a more linear approach. As soon as we have determined where the journey will take us - when the rough framework is in place - we implement the different areas in an agile way. We start with the more concrete and specific processes at the micro level and gradually work our way up to the macro level and more abstract processes. Here, as well, we implement the project with you and not just for you.

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