Complex product configurations
and offers at the click of a button

Especially as a technically oriented company with an extensive portfolio, you face a problem: countless configuration possibilities and product variants become a challenge for your sales department. For product configuration, pricing and quotation preparation, immense expert knowledge is sometimes required. The larger the number of possible variants, the higher the error rate and the time required.
Our knowledge-based product configurator easyKAT® solves this problem. Offers are always written according to the extensive relationship knowledge - manual (human) errors are excluded. You can leave the product configuration itself in the hands of your customers, which in return relieves the sales department.
Small companies or departments use our standard package "out of the box". Of course, you will also receive our configurator as a solution tailored to your needs, which is seamlessly integrated into your business processes.

Functionality that has proven itself

In over 20 years of development experience, we have been able to improve our product in countless projects. Always at the cutting edge of technical development, our configurators are used by small and medium-sized companies throughout Europe as well as by well-known industry leaders such as Siemens and Bosch Rexroth.

Our business relationships are characterized in particular by the reliability of our software and many years of mutual trust: Some of our configurators, built fifteen or twenty years ago, - constantly modernized- are still in operation today.

Less manpower required - less mistakes

Imagine your company is offering technical products. You can choose from ten basic models that can be expanded with thousands of individual parts. Of course, not every model can be combined with all accessories, nor can all accessories be combined with each other. Restrictions must therefore ensure that no configuration is created that cannot be reproduced in reality.

When a sales representative takes over the work and creates a list of possible configurations for the customer, it becomes clear that this process is as time-consuming as it is error-prone.

The situation is different with our knowledge-based product configurators. Their core is the sophisticated relationship knowledge, which regulates which products are buildable and which are not. And the best: The customer sees "live" what is possible and can configure his desired product.

A boost for your company

Configuration, price calculation and quotation creation (CPQ) are not decoupled processes from the rest of the company. They are an integrated part. With our product configurators, you can noticeably increase the number of sales of your company.

On the one hand, the processes themselves are accelerated, on the other hand, thanks to the excellent user experience of our software, it is also much easier for new sales employees, to "step through" and quickly become productive.

This also increases the confidence of your employees when launching new products, which can now be done faster with our software.

Your advantages

Interactive configurations not only sell more, but also better

Providing your customers with an excellent user experience is never an end in itself. It also creates economic benefits for you. Imagine that interested parties can interactively configure your products in 2D or 3D. That means they deal with your products. And if this works as smoothly and exactly as it does with our easyKAT® product line, they will even enjoy it - after all, the products become "real" before they actually exist. The results are happier customers, increased sales and - thanks to the visual control - a minimization of incorrect orders.

Relief and efficiency improvement of the sales department

By optimizing and automating product configuration, pricing, and quoting, your sales team can focus on its core competency: selling. By integrating existing or implementing new complex calculations, your technical sales force can gain significant competitive advantage and quickly and efficiently offer the optimal product.

Flexibly adaptable to your needs

Are you looking for a product configurator for your website? Or a powerful CPQ solution for creating quotations? The easyKAT® product line includes solutions for small and medium-sized companies as well as enterprise solutions for highest requirements. We would also be pleased to build you a configuration software tailored exactly to your needs. There are (almost) no limits to your ideas.

Powerful and scalable

Your company is a living organism. It grows and develops. This makes it all the more important that your software is able to grow with you. No matter which solution you choose: We advise you in detail which solution suits you and your requirements - so that you are well positioned today and prepared for the future.

Seamless integration into your company-IT

We know that a smooth and successful work with our configurators is only possible if they are seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure. With the help of standard interfaces for data supply, you can easily import prices, article data and variant tables from your ERP system. You can also create fully integrated quotations, orders, parts lists and work plans in your ERP system (especially SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly "Dynamics NAV" / "Navision")).

Low maintenance effort

Despite its immense scope, the maintenance of the relationship knowledge in our systems is inspiringly simple. We can deliver what may take months with other providers within three to four weeks. That's how quickly we provide you with a first configurator for a pilot group.

Technical calculations and design algorithms

The integration of technical calculations and design algorithms into the configuration is planned by us from the outset. In the design software you can directly display the respective performance characteristics by means of diagrams and graphs. This feature is particularly appreciated by our numerous customers in the drive technology, hydraulics and fan construction sectors.

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