Project: zeit.report

At one glance

Customer N4
Industry applicable across industries
Project zeit.report
Solutions Individual software development
Technologies Spring, AngularJS

Brief summary of the results

  • Cloud-based time recording program with additional functions such as automatic transmission of working times to the tax consultant or the human resources department
  • More information: https://zeit.report


Time recording is an issue in virtually every industry - not least because the Minimum Wage Act requires mini-jobbers and industries with immediate reporting requirements to record working hours. Working hours are also becoming more and more flexible. We, too, had initially used third-party software with which employees could record their working times. However, the solution did not convince us in terms of both costs and functionality. So what could be more logical than to develop our own tailor-made "zeit.report"?

The challenge

We needed an efficient time tracking tool. It had to be responsive so that it could be used on all terminals. Since the system was ultimately to be used by other companies (and is now also being used), it had to be ensured that simple settings could be used to adapt it to the respective requirements.

The solution

The result is a cloud-based solution whose possibilities go beyond pure time recording and which is also used by many of our customers. Employers can view current working hours, holidays and sick days at any time. Both employers and employees benefit from the possibility to plan vacation times. Employees can conveniently submit their vacation requests electronically. At the end of the month it is possible to send the working times to the tax consultant and the personnel department. As a cloud solution, zeit.report represents a cost-effective alternative to time recording systems, some of which require expensive hardware. Above all, however, users can now also work in an audit-proof manner. The actual situation in many companies was and still is that Excel tables are maintained manually. zeit.report can immensely reduce the error rate in this respect.
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