point S Canada
Project: B2B-Shop

At one glance

Customer point S Canada
Industry Tyre trade
Project B2B-Shop
Solutions Individual software development
B2B & B2C E-Commerce
Technologies Spring, PostgreSQL, Angular

Brief summary of the results

  • Bundling of all tyre suppliers in one platform
  • Performant, stable and scalable system

The customer

Point S Canada is a cooperation of more than 200 independent tyre dealers in Eastern Canada. When Point S, a company with European roots, entered the market in 2012, it merged with Pneus Unimax, which has been based in Canada since 1979. The purchasing association uses economies of scale for the point S dealers and has also developed into a lucrative network for the affiliated suppliers. The activities of the 2700 point S shareholders worldwide are controlled and coordinated from the respective national headquarters.

"Knowledgeable and trustworthy; working with the N4 team is a breeze. The work they do is flawless and understanding your needs is their priority. We, at Pneus Unimax, truly enjoy working with N4."

The challenge

A platform with insufficient performance leads to user dissatisfaction. This is also the case with point S Canada. A slow system could sooner or later have led to a loss of customers. The product search turned out to be just as problematic as the outdated usability. The goal was to build a new B2B shop system that met the performance requirements while retaining the existing merchandise management system. So our main focus was on seamless system integration.

The solution

As the central sales portal that point S Canada offers its customers, the platform plays an integral role in the business model. The countless articles available require a complex inventory and pricing logic that takes its toll on performance. With optimized SQL queries, however, we were able to make the product queries performant. The search now offers a live view of the inventory of the various warehouses of the companies with an outstanding search performance.
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