Project: N4 Route

At one glance

Customer N4
Industry Logistics
Project N4 Route
Solutions Individual software development
Technologies Node.JS, Webservices, Business Converter

Brief summary of the results

  • From an unordered sequence of address data, N4 Route calculates a distance and time optimized route.


Time is money. In the logistics industry, this is even more important because guaranteed delivery times must be met and smooth scheduling must be ensured. Route optimisation is therefore of particular importance. Shorter, optimised routes enable significantly higher productivity on the one hand and lower fleet costs (fuel, wear and tear) on the other.

The Challenge

Especially when numerous destinations have to be approached, optimal route planning is no longer intuitive for a human being, or only with an enormous expenditure of time. Time which is then lacking for other work. We dedicated ourselves to this topic in order to create a solution that automatically creates an optimized route from a disordered sequence of addresses. Of course the solution had to be designed in such a way that it could be tailored to the individual needs of our customers at any time.

Route before

Route after

Map Source: https://maps.openrouteservice.org

The Solution

With N4 Route a program has been created to which one can provide a list of addresses and then automatically optimize them in the shortest possible time. These addresses can be easily exported from an existing merchandise management or warehouse management system. Even address lists, which are available as conventional Excel tables, can serve as input. Of course, in addition to the pure address data, it is also possible to transfer any other parameters, such as tour name, tour line number, order number, delivery note number or free text fields for comments etc., which are then assigned to the respective delivery. JSON or any other common data exchange format can be used for this purpose. N4 Route returns the optimized route including the necessary features and creates a link for displaying it, e.g. a Google Maps link. Delivery times and distances are therefore reduced drastically in many cases.
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